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Starting out in 2006 as a local Dutch VoIP provider, we now provide internet and telecom solutions to international operating customers all over the world.
Many local and international firms use our services today. We would like to be your Business VoIP provider also.

Your Business VoIP Provider for High Quality & Innovative Telecom Services

Next to usual VoIP and Internet Services we specialize in state of the art Telecom and communication for your innovative business.  We go on where others stop.

A Business VoIP Provider that gives your business a head start.

Start saving on your telecom costs from today on while having more and smarter functionality leading to better communications and better services

The best Services for your business:

Connecting the globe

  • Telephony (VoIP)

  • SIP trunking

  • Hosted VoIP

  • Calling rates

  • Broadband Internet Connections

  • Satellite Connections

  • Phone numbers from more than 140 countries

PrioNet making internet conversation possible since 2006.


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PrioNet, VoIP aanbieder

Wij bieden bedrijven in binnen- en buitenland meer telefonie voor minder geld. PrioNet leverde als een van de eersten in Nederland VoIP voor de zakelijke markt.

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Hoogwaardige en betrouwbare breedband netwerken voor uw bedrijfs-internetverbinding. xDSL-, Glasvezel- en Satellietverbindingen. Informeer naar onze zakelijk internet mogelijkheden.

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